Get Green - Be Green

With Metro Recycling Solutions

Save Money and The Earth

Our goal is to help our customers “Get Green” in the form of revenue for their recyclable material and “Be Green” by reducing the material sent to the landfill.  In our continued effort to reduce landfill material, we work with paper mills, plastic extruders, drum re-conditioners and metal processers to ensure proper reuse or recycling of all material we purchase.

The Metro Difference

Metro Recycling Solutions is not only committed to reducing landfill material, we are also a committed supplier to the paper, plastic and metal industry.  Our vendors rely on us to provide the necessary raw material for their manufacturing process.

While the recycled commodities market is ever changing, Metro Recycling Solutions will always work with both our customers and vendors to ensure we are providing recycling services and raw material at competitive pricing in order to continue “Recycling Tomorrow’s Resources Today”.