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Metro Recycling Solutions


Metro Recycling Solutions: Your Trusted Partner in Recycling

Operating in the tri-state area and beyond Metro Recycling Solutions by volume is the largest pure recycling brokerage company in Michigan.

We are proud to partner with retail businesses, specialized groups, non-profits, municipalities, industrial and commercial manufacturing. No matter what type of entity, large or small we have the solution for you. Our trusted team has over 100 years of combined recycling experience.

You will never be alone in your recycling efforts. We are always enthusiastic about building new and lasting partnerships. Metro Recycling Solutions is in constant communication with our partners, offering on-going support and education to help create the most efficient recycling process that fits your specific needs.

Metro Recycling Solutions offers fair and competitive pricing based on market trends for each grade of material. We will purchase and market your collected material for the best possible value. In addition, we offer fast commodity reimbursement tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you are starting a recycling program or have questions about an existing program, call Metro Recycling Solutions and take advantage of our vast knowledge and exceptional service. Call us today and schedule a free consultation. We are waiting to hear from you!


Our History

Richard D. Eaton is the President of Metro Fibres, Inc.  He has a long history in the recycling industry and was employed in the early 80’s by a publicly held paper company whose offices were located in San Francisco.  As General Manager for the Detroit plant, he developed brokerage for Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  After the closing of that company over 30 years ago, Mr. Eaton founded Metro Fibres, Inc. a Michigan based commodity brokerage firm.

With the expansion into other commodities, the name changed to Metro Recycling Solutions to better reflect the essence of our current capabilities.  While paper recycling remains a significant portion of our commodity mix, we now handle many other items including metals, plastics, vinyl, books, and have expanded to such unusual items as shoes, televisions, ingredient bags, baling equipment, plant equipment and many other items associated with the recycling industry.